Socks for Sadie

Maisie Wells
5 min readJun 26, 2020

Socks for Sadie is a non-profit organization that my family started after my sister passed away serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ in 2016. A project that was assigned for one of my classes was to redesign a website for a non-profit. I chose to do mine on Socks for Sadie. At some point I would like to re-design the current Socks for Sadie website. I could go off of the design I did for this project or do something new but I think it would be cool to do. An added bonus is actually re-doing the website and being able to have it count as extracurricular work.

For each page I did a mobile, tablet and desktop version. Below I have included a draft of mobile wireframes that I had at one point as well as the final draft wireframes for mobile and desktop. You can see the multiple changes that were made between the two drafts.

Mobile Wireframes Draft

Figuring out which fonts to use on the site was a challenge. My professor was not liking any of the fonts I was coming up with. The font should represent my sister and crazy, colorful socks because that is what the site is for. Fun, happy, cute fonts were fitting for the website. Some fonts that I was looking at are shown below. I ended up using Shadow Into Light & Raleway fonts.


For the color scheme we think my sisters favorite color was purple so I chose that as one of the colors. The other main color is a peachy orange color. For the hero image on the home page I used a picture I took of a bunch of my other sisters socks. On my mood board I had two different color schemes but the color scheme I went with is shown below in the images.

Mood Board

For the logo I did a little pair of socks. I don’t love the colors I ended up using for the socks. The colors are random and they aren’t used anywhere else on the site. I think the design is cute but if I ever use it on the site, I would definitely make some changes. I think just having an outline of the socks would look good and not do any color.

Below I have included screenshots of some things that changed from surface comp revisions to the final draft. The images on the right are from the final draft.

Surface Comps

There are still changes I would make to my designs but below I have shown the final draft surface comps for the desktop. I have also included a couple screenshots from the current Socks for Sadie website.

Current Site
Redesign — Surface Comps final draft

I enjoyed doing this project and working with something that is personal to me. I do think that some of the criticism was harder to take because of the closeness this situation and my sister have to me but I think this was a good start to hopefully redesigning the Socks for Sadie website sometime in the future.