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Maisie Wells
4 min readDec 17, 2020


My fourth channel for Europe Travels is YouTube. I made the videos in iMovie and uploaded them onto Europe Travels YouTube page. This last channel isn’t so much providing users with information as it is just showing people the incredible things to do and see in Europe.


My biggest struggle with this project was getting iMovie to work. I was struggling to get this app to download onto my computer for a bit. Finally it started working and I was in business. I know there are other programs I could use but I wanted to use this one.

Another issue I had with iMovie was trying to get all the videos the same size. Some were vertical so it has the black border and others filled the whole screen (examples shown below). When I tried to crop the video in iMovie it kept the crop box proportionate so I wasn’t able to make the video the size I wanted. I figured out that I was able to crop them on my phone from the ‘photos’ app and then AirDrop them back to my laptop.


I got videos from my sister, my aunt and my mom as well as videos I had too. It was fun going back and watching them and reminisce on this awesome trip! I do think the videos I made in iMovie could be a lot better if I had planned before I went on the trip that this is what a wanted to do (turn them into a big video). That way I could make sure the videos are well taken as well as getting all the content I want captured. For example, I wish we had more video of food we ate, inside the castles in Germany, and our Swiss chocolate tasting tour. These videos still display a lot of fun things we did and a lot of beautiful places we visited.

Because the videos sometimes move too quick I slowed them down so it didn’t seem like you were getting zipped through and hopefully avoids people getting motion sick!

I also did an intro using the simplified Europe Travels logo and added a video/image that said what the video was going to display. In addition I added in titles for the different countries throughout the video.


I already had a YouTube account associated with my school email so I just changed the profile picture to the simplified Europe Travels logo. I then uploaded my videos and added a description to them.

Brand Strategy

My strategy for this project was to provide content for users that assisted them in planning their Europe trip or gave users such great content that they added Europe (or specific European Countries) to their bucket list. The fourth channel, YouTube, falls more into the second category of getting Europe on people’s bucket list because it’s beautiful and so fun!

Four Channel Experiences

Like mentioned above the point of Europe Travels is to help people plan a great trip to Europe or get European Countries added onto people’s bucket list. Across all my platforms, each one tied into at least one of these two factors in my strategy.

Channel #1 — Podcast: I’d say that this channel accomplished both points in my strategy. In the podcast we talked about things we did and how great it was and so I think it could appeal to people planning a trip there as well as motivate people to go to Europe.

Channel #2 — Social Media: For my social media channel I chose Instagram. This platform would be more beneficial for those that are not currently planning a European vacation. Hopefully, them seeing the content I posted sets a fire under their feet to get started in planning a trip!

Channel #3 — App: I designed an app that is similar to content Trip Advisor provides. This app is definitely going to be more helpful for a user that is currently planning a trip to Europe. This app, when fully functioning, would include: blog posts, weather, food, historic landmarks and of course, things to do.

Channel #4 — Optional: I of course chose YouTube for my fourth channel. This channel will probably benefit people who love to travel and looking for their next vacation spot. These videos will hopefully get Europe onto people’s bucket list. These videos could also appeal to someone who is planning a European trip so they can see what they have in store and get themselves even more excited.

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