Europe Travels App

Maisie Wells
3 min readNov 24, 2020

My app for Europe Travels is similar to what Trip Advisor entails. On my app it displays: things to do, historic landmarks, food, weather and a blog. I built it in adobe XD. Below are my sketches and ideas for my app that I was working with.

After doing the wireframes I went in to XD and designed the different pages. I am pretty happy with how the design turned out! There is lots of color with the pictures and so my friends thought it was a good idea to keep the text black and grey.

Prototyping was a bit of a mess. I haven’t done a ton of prototyping in XD and things were not working as great as I wanted them too. For example, on the home page I wanted the different images with the titles to be an automatic slideshow but I don’t know that XD allows you to do that. Other times I would drag the arrow for the prototyping and then it would delete the white background on the page so it had a weird black background on the page. The menu doesn’t display like I want on all the pages and on some of the pages there is a background of another page at the bottom. Again on some of the pages the header gets cut off for some reason. I could probably fix quite a few of these issues if not all if I spent more time messing with it.