Europe Travels

Maisie Wells
4 min readOct 6, 2020


Europe Travels is all about my families adventure and experience on our 9 day trip to Europe. We went to 6 different countries in a short amount of time but we saw and did amazing things! My purpose and goal of this podcast was to tell listeners about a couple of the countries we went to and the things we did, food we ate, and tips.

Cover Art

My first idea for my cover art was to trace popular landmarks in each of the countries we went to and then organize them in circle. Below are two of the landmark images I traced. When all was said and done I did not like the way the circle idea was coming together. I was not placing the images in the circle in a way that I liked so I switched it up.

I took the images and aligned them in a straight line. I ordered them from the first country we went to, to the last. Then I put Europe across the images and dropped the opacity.

When I was showing my mom and sister my cover art they helped give me some suggestions for improvement. One of them my sister came up with and it was to do a half circle on the top and bottom of the cover art and have airplanes at the end. I tried that out and I think it turned out looking pretty good!

Podcast Episodes

In the three episodes of my podcast I interviewed three family members that were on the trip with me. We went over the following topics in each episode:

· Why did you pick the country/place you did?
· What were the main/favorite activities?
· Best and Worst food?
· Anything you wish you did or things you would change?
· Tips for listeners?

I recorded these episodes on voice memos on my iPad. I then imported them into GarageBand to edit and crop the videos as well as add the intro and outro.

Episode 1: Amsterdam with Pam

Episode 2: London with Olivia

Episode 3: Vienna with Lee


For the intro and outro I was deciding between a couple of different loops which are shown below. I decided to to Chill Chords Acoustic Guitar.

After finishing the podcast up in GarageBand I exported them into iTunes. The next step was to put the information and content into

I added “Episode 1:” etc. to the episode names because I like the look of it better. I deleted it at first because at the bottom of anchor when it asks for the episode number I thought it may include that for you. It doesn’t.


My RSS link pulls up an error message and I am not sure why. I submitted my anchor link as well since this one is giving an error.

I customized the site so the wave is blue to match the cover art and on the actual website the episodes play great!


I am not a big podcast girl so this was a good project for me. I am excited for the other platform projects to come so I can continue reminiscing on my trip to Europe and expressing our adventures and memories in different ways! —