Documenting the Process

Technology Assessment

For the technology assessment I created my own diagrams to show screen resolutions, storage, bit depth, alias vs anti-alias, raster vs vector and lossy vs lossless. I found this section surprisingly challenging. It was hard to find some of the information for the charts and I didn’t know how to create the comparison images.


For audio integration I chose to test the song ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day. I tested three different file types and changed the bit rate for MP3 and AAC. For WAV I adjusted the sample rate. The goal of testing these different settings was to see how it affected and changed the song. To be specific I was looking at the change in sound and I also recorded what the file size was after the export settings were applied.


For video compression and evaluation I tested two file types, H.264 and H.265. For both file types I made two changes in the export settings. For H.264 I set the presets to High Quality 1080p HD and High Quality 720p HD. For H.265 I made the presets HD 1080p and HD 720p. Again, the idea was to see how the video changed after applying different export settings.


For image compression I took three different images and started with JPEG export settings and then moved to JPEG-2000, GIF and PNG. I was looking for differences in sharpness, color changes and textures. I used Adobe Lightroom for this task.



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