59 Gem Co.

Maisie Wells
4 min readMay 5, 2021


59 Gem Co. all started because me and my friend were really into buying gem rings. We were spending lots of money on rings and we knew we could make the rings ourselves. So… with that we decided to jump in and start our business.

To start my 59 Gem Co. product catalog project I did some research as well as sketches to get ideas rolling and my thoughts out.


After sketching I moved into wireframes. I built my wireframes in XD and added the fonts, logo and colors I want to use in my project. Since 59 Gem Co. is a real company me and my friend started, I am using our logo, as well as colors. For the fonts I tried to find similar ones to the fonts displayed in the logo.

After getting feedback from classmates and reviewing some of their product catalogs, I moved onto surface comps. I implemented the colors, font and images I wanted to use. I added a turquoise stripe to the left side of the pages that was not on my wireframes to add color and another design element. It also adds consistency and helps the pages look uniform. I made the backgrounds a light grey to break up the white and add some color as well.

I added the following icons to help with navigation across my catalog. The home button will take you the ‘ad’ page for the majority of the time (minus the order confirmation page) and from there you can click to shop again. I put this icon in the bottom corner since it shouldn’t need to be used that often. The back arrows will take you to the previous page.

As I was prototyping my catalog it made me realize pieces in my design that I was missing. It helped me make my design more usable and make more sense. Some examples of this are, I needed a way to get from the ‘gem rings’ page to the ‘band rings’ page without a menu so I added navigation at the top of the two product pages so you can go back and forth. Prototyping helped me realize where I needed the arrow and home navigation icons to go. They are not needed on all of the pages.

Another thing I added when I started prototyping was being able to flip through the pictures on the product pages. This caused me to need to make a bunch of artboards!

Being able to create a catalog for a business that me and my friend started was fun! I think it helped me make the project a little bit easier since I know the ins and the outs of the company. I was able to keep the theme and look of ’59 Gem Co.’ pretty similar. If you like what you see in the product catalog, take a look at our site! https://www.fiftyninegemco.com/